HoverCam U800 document camera

With the HoverCam U800 is the combination of real-time presentation, video recording and video conferencing, as well as scanning and document management possible. You will be supported in coping with your work with the intuitive 4K color touch display that displays the camera image. With its new flexible and cost-effective design, the HoverCam U800 is one of the top technical products. Quality and design combined in a perfect symbiosis.

HoverCam Solo 8+ document camera

The HoverCam Solo 8+ is the evolution of the HoverCam Solo8 and has now been equipped with a 13 megapixel sensor. This advancement impresses you quality and technical progress. The HoverCam Solo 8+ is currently the fastest USB 3.0 document camera on the market and easily manages:

  • 30fps at 4K Videos
  • 60fps at FullHD and
  • 120fps at 720p

HoverCam Solo 8 Spark document camera

Designed specifically for K-12 classrooms, the HoverCam Solo 8 Spark brings a new level of creativity to the classroom. The compact and easy-to-use document camera features 8 megapixel autofocus for high-definition video and visually stunning still images. With HoverCam’s exclusive Flex software, teachers can do more to awaken students‘ perceptions and make lessons even more vivid. In addition, the HoverCam Solo8 Spark Chromebook is compatible.

HoverCam Pilot 3/ EU presentation podium

The HoverCam Pilot 3/ EU is the world’s first fully integrated presentation platform. With the HoverCam Pilot, you can connect to all your devices and make your presentation and lessons wireless and mobile. You can connect your PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, external drive or any other mobile device of your choice to the HoverCam Pilot 3/ EU. Even recording annotations, recording videos, creating pictures is easy to do. You can transfer your content in perfect 1080p resolution by radio. Even a 10x touch function is wirelessly synchronized with the pilot.

HoverCam Solo 8 Plus Medical

The HoverCam Solo 8 Plus Medical in Solo 8-Design conquers the hospitals. The compact and easy-to-use document camera has some unbeatable advantages because it is:

  • Germ-Free
  • Visually stunning
  • Intuitive
  • Interactive
  • Comfortable
  • Adaptable